Christian Journals

This is one of three Christian resources blogs I maintain (infrequently), the others being Christian Scholars and Christian MP3s. I am conservatively evangelical, but I will add links to journals that are not necessarily so (which is to say, with the usual disclaimer, I may not agree with everything in the journals listed in the entries below). I hope that this resource is helpful to some, and any feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Some more Journals.

A few more...

Theology, News & Notes Journal from Fuller Theological Seminary, and one I reckon I may have more disagreements with than agreements, but from a research perspective has full-text online onf pertinant theological issues.

Founders Journal Full text Journal I have much more sympathy with. Excellent articles from a conservative Baptist viewpoint (with Calvinistic emphasis)

RTI Bulletin Bulletin from the Institure of Reformed Theology. Each issue has a major article, and several book reviews in Adobe format. Also has some full text presentations from their public lecture series.

Monday, November 28, 2005

A few more journals

Here's a few more to get things going:

Journal of Ministry & Theology A Journal from Bible Baptist Seminary, with two or three articles from each volume available online.

Churchman An evangelical publication coming out of the Church of England and edited by Gerald Bray. Contains many full articles from magaines dating from 2003 and earlier, and most of Bray's editorials.

Church HIstory Publication of the AMercian Society for church History, with several articles from previous volumes available online, and abstracts of others.

Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry From the New Orleans Baptist Seminary, the first four volumes of the journal with full text articles.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

About this Blog

This blog will maintain a list of theological journals that I have come across online. While I personally am an evangelical, and traditional (see this post for a brief outline of what I mean by this), I will add journals that both agree and disagree with my personal convictions as long as they are theologically based, from a Christian perpective (even nominally so). Further, I will not include journals with only abstracts or contents pages, but rather with significant content, such as full articles and book reviews.

I hope that people find this blog useful, and to get the ball rolling, here are a couple (that are more in line with my own beliefs than most (though I would empasise I do not agree with all that is in them).

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (see also here)As it says, the journal of The Evengelical Theological Society. Full text articles and book reviews from 1997 to Sept 2004.

Trinity Journal A Journal from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Full text articles and book reviews from 1997 to SPring 2005.